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Reforma Y Rehabilitación

The Municipal Museum of Padua (permanent exposition located in the cloisters+ Scrovegni Chapel+ Hermits Church) counts 140,000 annual visits, but considering that cultural tourism is consistenly growing , the municipality is planning to provide new spaces for visitors. In particular are necessary a new temporary exhibition hall and educational spaces for schools beyond the reorganization of the main entrance.

The proyect chooses an empty space between the cloisters and the church like new entry of the coplex. In order to valorize the two connected elements, has been chosen the use of a transparent structure of glass. The section of the volume fitted into the gap remaind to the one of the old covent.

The second part of the project analize the area of the ex-gardens, where all the intended uses necessary for a modern museum are matched with a new semi-public square and a new building reworks the characteristic signs of the row houses of Via Porciglia, trying to recover the enviroment without falling into the trap of a copy.

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