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APP - 1157
Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores Monterrey (ITESM) / mx Mexico
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Daniel Alvarado

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Over the years the mexican countryside has suffered neglect that affects the supply of basic foods, the loss of traditions and migration of the rural sector. The field is the most vulnerable space to change vocation because it remains as a blank canvas for poor urban approaches.

Oaxaca is a representative state of the national field crisis, as most of the population works even today in this primary activities, such as, agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting.

It is a fact that the rural population is disappearing. More and more people migrate to cities, causing a waste of productive land. This increases the amount and demand of emerging urban consumers against the dwindling community of farmers.

The question of how were going to feed the future inhabitants of the city is not a simple mental puzzle. It is a problem that has to be solved urgently.

What if the field becomes habitable and productive again?... What if the field becomes part of the city again?

Thinking about the future growth of Oaxaca, the proposal focuses on implement a model of housing immersed in agricultural plots, articulated by a central public core with recreational, cultural and educational equipment. Creating a culture of self-consumption and protecting the field of being abandoned, affecting the supply of basic foods.

This project seeks to create a reciprocal process in which the city is invited to experience the countryside and exploit the potential of it; and secondly that the field remains productive and keeps certain elements that characterize urban life.

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