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APP - 1145
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid-Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid-ETSAM / es Spain
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Sara Carbajo

Project type:
Edificios Públicos

The project is located in Madrid where the future plans are trying to convert sections of the city into green spaces with wide leafy boulevards that have no more than a ten minutes walk to public buildings or areas. Thus, Connecting-Madrid is contributing to the shape of this new Madrid.
The proposals of the project are twofold: First, the project aims to connect different areas, which are currently unconnected due to the damage done by the old industrial warehouses. Second, the project complements programmes-that already do not exist-for public and green spaces.
Therefore, green bands connect the southwest of Madrid with the city centre, creating wide green spaces where pedestrians can bicycle, skate, play sports, etc.
In fact, the project has a two-fold level: urban and local scale.
-On the one hand is the urban project, which is connecting the southwest of Madrid, where Madrid Río ends, with The Buen Retiro Park.
-On the other hand, we have the local scale, which involves solving problems of connectivity in a specific residential area of Arganzuela, Madrid.
The network of routes in the project connects different parts of the neighborhood that were previously disconnected, the height difference between Calle Pedro Bosch and Calle del Tejo is no longer a problem.
Besides the connectivity problem, there are neither enough public spaces nor parks, due to rapid urban growth. The project provides the neighbourhood with new areas for cultural, sporting and leisure uses.
Both the pavilions and the new topography adapt to the natural terrain. The project is more than just new buildings. Instead it is a whole new topography. Nature, trees, and water in different forms are woven organically with the pavillions.

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