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APP1144 Cubitas Villa ecoturistica

APP - 1144
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla / mx Mexico
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Irais Elena Ríos Arellano

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The subject of human intervention on ecosystems is an important issue that should be of interest to talk about in people around the world. The tourist accommodation project called "Cubitas Villa ecoturistica" is located within the ecological reserve Limones Tuabaquey in Camagüey Cuba. Which according to their type, location and sector, it corresponds to the system of village, mountain and nature, and sports respectively.
The architectural design adapts to nature, it does not interfere with their environment When walking into the entrance plaza, you will be received by a group of buildings with its own festures; then you will do your registration at the reception, a building that combines the type in materials from the region with a modern twist in their design. Once the registration is completed, the guest will be invited to move into the room through the trails, which adopt organic forms, natural forms. From this point the guest will have much better perspective of the landscape of the spaces that make up the villa. In the center of the land, the guest can be delighted with the view of the project elements which in turn is distributed by the rest of the spaces that make up the Villa ecoturistica. this building in turn takes into the entertainment area, which encourages the guest to feel direct contact with nature as the location of this was done using the natural elements that surround it.
Due to strategy, the lodging area is located on the highest ground level, fifteen huts with a housing modern design. Its distribution is dispersed, as being in an environment like this there would be no sense in making it stiffed. The rest of the spaces are suitable to the terrain and are outdoor areas. The project is developed in an area of 18, 432.9460 m² and it contains the following areas:
Garita, Parking lot, Reception & management , Ecological Restaurant , Gazebo bar, Medical nursing, Outdoor social, Manteinance, Worker diner área, 5 single cabins, 5 double cabins, quadruples, Ecological water mirror, Toilets, Yoga area, and Camping área.

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