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Poznan University of Technology / pl Poland
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Wojciech Kozlowski

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The comprehensive facility was designed and dedicated to production of wine, which is located in the picturesque province of Malaga, in southern Spain. The building form shows the modern character, for modern society functioning products while strictly regional firmly anchored in the region's history. The block is irregular contrast, depends on climatic conditions and terrain. The walls of the aboveground part consist of two layers. First, the sandwich panels in white, which bases on a steel skeleton, form a pyramidal shapes, while the "second skin" is glass façade building on substructure. Between them there is a space where light fixtures. Special installation lets facade becomes a screen with a spectacular illuminations at night. The functional program of the building, beyond the production space, includes assumptions exhibition and events venue, as well as module restaurant and office. The whole complex is affecting the city's economy and regional education. The aim of the building is to promote the cultural heritage of these areas, and thus revive nonadherent areas close to the sea.

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