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Universidad Piloto de Colombia / co Colombia
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Fabian Tocancipa

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During the past 20 years architecture it has rapidly increased its production of forms and languages. In this short period new formal and technological experiments have occurred at a rate never before seen in the history of the discipline. The release form, due largely to the development of digital tools has led to advances in the technological support needed for the construction of buildings in terms of both construction techniques and the necessary expansion of the catalog of materials reference.

In the field of eco-sustainable and in the field of automation and automation developments have made efforts aimed at increasing the quality of life of people and buildings provide comfort inside, such efforts have been made mostly as separate attempts seeking to reach common goals, hoping thus to define this research project How efficient can be the implementation of dynamic interactive operation structures of architectural facades and especially in tropical Colombian living space?.

The research project is a theoretical type technologies practiced in general objective the exploration of possibilities in interactive performance architectural brise-soleil evaluating them and making a first functional scale model 1.2 that guarantees the internal spaces of the building conditions comfort in terms of low impact environmental, in the very specific nature (Geo-climatic, technological and economic) of the municipality of Girardot (Colombia).

It should be emphasized that this project is based on research conducted at the University of Colombia Pilot “Eco-Envelopes (Eco-envolventes)” and also aims to create spaces that encourage multidisciplinary knowledge in students of architecture and mechatronics engineering promoting a combination of science towards knowledge and sustainable living.

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