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IMOA - 1235
National Technical University of Athens / gr Greece
3 members
Dimitra Soupiona
Giouli Boutsika

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Our suggestion comes from the idea of a linear building, which follows the morphology of the ground. The concept is mainly based on 3 fundamental functions: learning- view- observation (library and exhibition- planetarium-sphere and loft).
Observation, which constitutes the main body of the building is in the highest place. The loft of the building constitutes an observation platform which is placed between the ground and the sky, motivating for external observation. The closed space for live observation of stars, is placed in the center and the most conspicuous part of the composition. It is a sphere of glass that encloses the planetarium. It offers complete view of the sky to the visitors from the inside. But also from the outside, it reflects the stars and looks like heaven.

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