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ABANDONED LANDSCAPES -Architecture against Tabula Rasa APP1255

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University School of Design / in India
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Aditya  Athreya Rao

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Every piece of land speaks. It speaks of a certain history it went through. The people that have come and gone, the plants and the animals that have lived , the structures that were built on it , the rivers that were born and then died , the legends of its past. This beauty, this lay of the land speaks against the ideas of starting on a clean slate or “Tabula rasa” as it’s called in philosophical terms. That everything is there with some ingrained innate instincts and that landscapes resurrect themselves comes along these lines and any wrongful human impediment just slows the process.

My thesis topic looks at an emerging modern urban landscape that has the potential to provide for the community through architectural design which looks at creating forms and spaces that understand that it cannot come from a clean slate and thus respecting the site and its history for years to come.

In a country where stone aggregate quarries are beginning to enter every metropolitan city boundary and are getting surrounded by upcoming residential area i decided to look at the use of these abandoned landscapes for the surrounding community especially for retail, commercial , public and cultural uses.

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