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6IEAP - 1099
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik / lb Lebanon
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Lucciana Nasrallah

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Unemployment, inequality, migration, depression, criminality... A sequence of harmful phenomena, threatening the lives of youth in Lebanon leading to: Brain Drain. The crises worsen following the social-economics crises, and uncivil behaviors.
However biologically, the human being, to overcome shocks, undergo metamorphoses according to his needs. Thus, Beirut surrounded by crises will reborn and survive after a metamorphosis.
Although, to be metamorphosed, a specific path will be tracked. Thereby the project will be a: Motherboard between Creations & Connections (a platform). The project will be built in three phases: from Root (research zone) to Stalk (laboratories) arriving at the Fruit (exhibition); where the final project of the innovators and creators will be exposed ending-up invested by international and national investors.

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