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6IEAP - 1087
Universidad Politécnica / es Spain
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Paula Rodriguez Vara

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Espacios Públicos

Aquaponics, is a project that responds to the reality we are living nowadays and to the huge personal and global responsibility we have with our planet: the post-ecological era, in which the natural balance is continuously altered due to anthropogenic interventions, extreme events and the effects of climate change.
The project is the result of a socio-ecological research on the transformation of large coastal infrastructures in disuse, such as the port of Cádiz in Spain.
It proposes transforming this abandoned port into an urban waterfront. This Waterfront takes advantage of the new global economic and ecological conditions and benefit from the unforeseen, but potentially positive consequences, such as in Cádiz, the rise of the sea level, to propose a new typology of a resilient infrastructure capable of reformulating the relationship between marine habitat development and the dangers inherent in climate change.
On the one hand there is a territory with a high level environmental and landscape interest that brings together a series of marine ecosystems linked to leisure ac- tivities and research. Along this territory natural balance is continuously altered due to anthropogenic interventions and the effects of climate change.
On the other hand there is a coastal infrastructure, support/base of the economy and marine production activity. A place which claims the opportunity to host innovative functionalities and figurations.
Due to this two conditions the project strategy is to reactivate this limit infrastructure through an intervention capable of catalyzing cultural and physical processes aimed at resilience.
A system of strata and networks. Where a topography, an hydraulic infrastructure and floating marine ecosystem interact to generate a new resilient waterfront.
All in all the main objective of the project is to develop a conceptual and design proposal from which to reformulate the relationship of human habitat development with coastal dynamics and the inherent dangers of climate change and overexploitation.

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