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University of Alicante / es Spain
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Sandra Palau Palacio

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The Vortex project was born out of a common concern among the members of the team, our future is defined as geographically uncertain. We belong to an emerging collective of semi-nomadic young people, whose social relations are ephemeral, discontinuous and distributed throughout geography, since you have lived, are living or will live abroad for a while. To this group we call it the "Vortex Collective" which becomes the object of the main study of the project.

We begin by analyzing social behaviors, domesticities, and routines of twelve Vortex subjects located in Berlin, London and Lausanne. We start from the conclusions obtained in the analysis to give shape to the proposal, which is configured as a physical-virtual platform formed by connections between people, events, spaces and objects, it involves both aspects physical-spatial as socio-organizational.

These connections are configured in the form of networks which physically converge and are self-managed through the virtual application. These are: Community, Events, Housing, and Gadgets. So Users and Events respond to a need for community and conviviality, while Spaces and Objects introduce a new concept of housing. Its superposition generates a scheme in which the home goes beyond the traditional affective bonds, expanding not only on an urban scale but also on a global scale.

Our housing is configured through this group of people, situations, goods and services, which enact and vary in time and space. Through the process of inhabiting, the home is built and made concrete, adapting to different phases and circumstances.

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