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bahcesehir university /istanbul/ turkey / tr Turkey
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Meltem gümüşoğlu

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The world is progressing rapidly in the field of technology and people have begun to experience the age of enlightenment. People are accessing information very quickly through technology and education. Books, communication lessons, collective life and the planet earth where actions are being committed with cooperation, unity and solidarity are bring us more closer and lead us into more transparent and open communication.

Unity and cooperation is no longer far, it is more accessible. Because of that communication between people is more open and transparent. We are moving towards a world of communication where transparency and understanding are more and being judge is less experienced. In my opinion, this transparency will show itself in architecture and living places in near future. I think, bright, transparent, open structures will be in use instead of structures which stucks between concrete walls. Shopping malls, education institutes and office places even private living environments will be transparent.

Presentations which used in two projects are belong to me. I fictionalised two of my project which i designed during my education period in 2012 and 2014. I was built both of my two project with the idea of flexibility, transparency and for future places. Both of my two projects are organic form. My idea is that there will be life in the form of different measured planets on the earth in the next years.

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