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5SFI - 1089
UNISA - Università Degli Studi Di Salerno / (Doble degree) / UNC-FAUD - Facultad de Arquitectura, Urbanismo y Diseño / ar Argentina
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Federico Dho

Project type:
Residencial Colectiva

The main focus for the collage project represents the future of the three types of spaces addressed as parts of a house. Work, retail and learning could be conveniently develop at home.
New technologies have already started to put us in a virtual so-called ¨space¨. The human body, as a physical instrument of our mind, will start to lose its relevance.
In recent years we have seen the rise of augmented reality, so we can predict we will exchange information by digital data, and the need for physical movement will decrease.

With the availability of technology, education will become more accessible to many, and the lessons will be increasingly given at distanse because of the computer and the Internet enable the copy and redistribution of knowledge while preserving authorship.

Similarly, due to the advancement of mobile technology, businesses will be able to operate anywhere on a global scale more than ever before. With the development of holograms, people will operate a business and live elsewhere.

The virtual supermarket will become normal, in which customers will have a virtual experience of a superstore and be able to purchase with their mobile technology, receiving in their homes the goods transported by drones.

Architects and designers will soon develop our projects using virtual reality, allowing the client or end user to fully immerse themselves in a 3D model at a 1:1 scale. The design itself will be able to be manipulated and modified in real time and even live and experience a space not built.
With respect to the construction industry, robotics is coming. It will not be long before we help design a construction process that involves assembly robots.

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