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Syed Azaz Mustafa

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Advance technologies, innovation in IT industry and new software each day has a lot of impact on how we will work in the future. Future offices will be nothing but a chair, table, and laptop with internet connection. Coworking spaces will soon become a huge part of how and where we work
the flexible design and interactive environment will boost social and creative environment in such places. Smart, high tech office with high standards of sustainability through passive means will define workspaces in a totally different way. The unconventional way of work style like no designated workstations sleeping pods in offices, open atrium for the better indoor environment will redefine working spaces.
Automated System to control the working areas with the click from a mobile phone will diminish the factor of distance and how we communicate to work.
Work from home is a huge industry but with advancement, in technology day by day it will grow even faster in coming decades.

Future of retail in terms of, how the spaces will look like, is kind of hectic because of demand in the high-end consumer market and high line fashion demands will produce bigger shopping areas, out of city shopping districts. putting small shops out of businesses. Online shopping market is a big reality nowadays and it will grow in the coming decades. It's not correct to assume that the growth of online shopping market will have the drastic effect of physical retail center and shopping districts because no matter what people will want to explore the good old walk and shop experience. Entertainment and food market is also a big part of such areas and in future, it will grow as in future going to shop will become more of experience than necessary because it can be bought from the comfort of our home.

The way we shop groceries is also changing from online stores and drive through shopping places. Farmers markets are not going anywhere because there is a cultural element which now days is part of the urban lifestyle and in future, this trend is going to increase. Robots/ self-checkout machine will be serving in supermarkets minimizing human role in all this

Around 70% of world’s population will soon be living in cities and this super urbanization of city will lead us to many problems in cities especially in terms of enough housing facilities. That’s why architects and planners need to experiment on compact living spaces. Convertible furniture, compact spaces, Smart houses controlled with automated devices, small private spaces and huge sharing spaces in vertical combined housing building are few of experimental techniques to tackle such problem. BMS (Building Management System) will make it easy in the adaptation of such spaces. The vernacular architecture will be a crucial part of future spaces. Green roofs, walls and central green patios will be core of planning. In Coming decades such small convertible spaces will be a norm and way of living.

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