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Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture / pk Pakistan
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Bilal Latif

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The concept is inspired from how technology is playing a crucial part towards shaping the way we live, work and play. Technology in any design for me, is like a hybrid, like a hypothesis which is tried and tested which brings both positive and negative outcomes. Technology is the tool which has become so essential in our lives that we are slowly getting hooked on to it so much that it has come to a point where the lines between reality and virtual reality are being blurred out. My collage is a depiction of how / what we are headed towards in a time of two decades where AI and augmented reality will be a vital component in our daily life. All the images that I have selected to make up my collage are mostly from movie posters such as tony stark's workplace from the Iron Man, the retail street view which is from the movie Ghost in the Shell, the live image is of microsoft's HoloLens commercial and the first top most image is from a cyberpunk artist which I found on pinterest. The Masterplan 2040 is actually a photograph of a motherboard of a computer which depicts our cities of the future.

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