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5SFI - 1061
University of Nairobi / ke Kenya
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George Wekesa

With the encouragement of more interaction, minimal use of materials and energy and
the careful planning over long periods of time, the concept of time and place would need
to be folded into one. Technology would enable the production of malleable yet sturdy
building materials as well as electronic gadgets that can adapt to spaces depending on
environmental conditions and also in response to the physical and psychological needs of
the users of the spaces. Spaces would be put to a diverse range of uses and at the same
time custom-made for these uses in real time.
The spaces would be composed mainly of structural frames and flexible organic or inorganic
walling materials that could be remotely controlled or would naturally respong to external
factors. Folding also enables materials to be reused once they are straightened which
reduces environmental impacts of waste. These materials would also have soil properties
with the ability to support vegetation on one or both sides of the walls.
The collage captures the aspects of flexibility and interaction of the office, retail and
educational spaces. It illustrates that these spaces can coextist in a harmonious manner
and benefit from the resultant synergies.
Office spaces would want to créate a more vibrant set up that would attract and retain
talent by providing different options for when, where and how the work takes place. The
work space would be more activity centred engaging employees in active manipulation of
the spaces they work in.
Retail spaces would be more inclined towards curating an experience for the customers. This
would serve to address the current instant gratification culture by enabling an environment
that breeds patience and curiosity.
With education being made more online, there arises the need for physical contact between
the learner and the teacher or the physical aspects of a classroom. We as humans thrive
on social interaction, visual depth, different emotional experiences and tactile feedback
to inform our intelligence. The manner in which technology would help to capture the
intangible is by enabling the fold between space and time such that these two constructs
are undistinguishable. This way, social connections would be restored.

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