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Technology, Internet and programming will never do everything. Internet does not know how to operate patients, technology does not know how to solve a judgment, an application does not know how to fish.
Or yes?
What would happen if we put into practice all our knowledge in developing a technology that was able to do absolutely everything?
We would stop being humans. Our condition of social being would disappear, as well as our motivation to fulfill ourselves as people and to improve ourselves as professionals. Therefore, spaces would not be necessary thing. Spaces to work, spaces to learn, spaces to buy... Everything would depend on encodings and information crossings in a large virtual space to which we would be subject.
This reflection is presented as a claim of ourselves. With nostalgia for the traditional things but with confidence in technological progress, it clings to a human reality where technology serves to supply what we do not know how to do better than its.
There is no doubt that technology is efficient, fast and versatile. But the life of the human beings is not only based on efficiency or speed. Also it is based on our relationships, our senses, our sensations and our feelings. Closing an agreement with a handshake, learning to share with other people or buying Christmas presents are things that make up our life and a virtual space could never house.
For that, this work wants to encourage us to develop future spaces whose design prioritizes the value of the human against the power of technological innovation, whether they have a labor, educational or commercial function.
These designs will advance with technology, which should continue to facilitate the tedious administrative work and help us to streamline our tasks. In addition, technology should adapt to changes in our business strategies by helping to combine physical spaces with online news; to changes in our educational models where flexibility, creativity or different ways of learning are valued; and to new trends in our way of working, which is increasingly international and collaborative.
To sum up, it is proposed that the new spaces follow a design trend where our human qualities and the new technologies are balanced. In this way, technological development will not exceed our way of life, but will serve to become more and more effective human beings and to focus our tasks on what really fulfills ourselves as people.

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