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We can imagine future spaces based on present facts, find out what the future holds for us is something unpredictable. It is not an easy or accurate task. For the people from the early 20th ecentury in the year 2000, we would be transported in flying vehicles and, also, today we can see that this has not been the case. We do not move forward as quickly as we can imagine.

However, we have achieved great technological advances such as the discovery of the Internet that allow us to travel around the world from the palm of our hand (mobile) or from the sofa of our house (tablet, laptop).

Technology has always had an impact on our way of life throughout humanity. New cultivation techniques, discovery of new materials, the Industrial Revolution and now, Internet. To the point where in the last decades, technological advances have developed at speeds far superior to our lifestyle. So more and more people who want to disconnect from technology thus generating a melancholy towards the traditional.

This happens in this way because the humans are social beings and they need to interact with themselves and with their environment. Therefore, we should try to combine the social behavior of the human being and the improvements that the new technologies bring us to intuit how the spaces we inhabit will be in the near future.

In the design of future spaces we should look for a balance between technology and social, respect, empathy or the relationship between people. Which brings us to a vision of the new work, retail and education spaces in the near future that could be the following: Diaphanous and flexible spaces, with presence of vegetation but full of the latest technological advances, self-sufficient, robotized, perfected and improved to help us make our tasks easier, more efficient and faster.

For this reason, the panel depicts a jellyfish inhabiting a large and dark ocean, which represents our mind surrounded by the latest technological advances. Of which will come future designs of the new spaces where we will live. Linking this way, the technological innovation and the fundamental values of the human being.

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