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The cities currently face different challenges that have awakened in man the need to think of a solution that improves the quality of life of people and learns to manage their resources. From this, smart cities are born, a city that has all its basic requirements covered. In addition, this type of city manages its energy resources well, relying on technology and improving the quality of life of citizens. Having located ourselves in this futuristic scenario we can think about the spaces of work, of retail and of learning. Due to the development of the needs of society, man and his environment, these spaces have been designed with great fluidity and flexibility, with the minimum of walls that limit continuity. As shown in the collage, all the spaces end up connecting and interacting without interrupting the development of the activities that take place in each space. In the future, it will not be using paper, everything will be digitized using renewable energies. In addition, the payment would be made by a chip attached to our body that will allow fast movements. The interactive screens and visual information will make the user submerged in the space living a unique experience. It will also intensify the storage of our data in the big data to achieve an anticipation that will guide us in our different activities. The collage shows us a sustainable and advanced city with an approach to a hybrid building, the building of the present and the future. The interaction becomes greater between the different spaces. The learning spaces take advantage of the maximum natural light that a recycled technological enclosure can give them. In addition, advanced technology is included to stimulate the brain and achieve better learning. These spaces are visually and physically connected to the work spaces. These spaces are represented in different levels of privacy given only by the roofs, all of them have the best technology that will allow the effective development of activities. For greater productivity it is necessary to think of spaces not only for work but also for leisure. The connection also reaches the retail spaces. These not only have flexibility in the exhibition of products, these spaces provide a unique experience allowing the customer to customize their product at the time by testing different features and observe the manufacture thereof. Finally, we also see in the collage the interaction of a person from his home because at this level technology will allow us to live different experiences just by thinking about it.

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