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4SFI - 1101
Escuela técnica superior de Arquitectura de Granada / es Spain
1 members
Aurora Oset Cardenete

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We are in a moment of history in which the architecture has to be reused, everything is practically constructed.
The future of the work is to look for points in the city to decongest others, and to focus on them places of encounter as markets, to give the people the possibility to know their works.
It’s proposed a way of working in the same place where the workers live: A workshop-house, with direct access to the street and meeting points of citizens.
House-workshop, possible learning schools and exhibition halls will be around the meeting points, that later will become landmarks of the city creating the culture of the neighborhoods.


As the architecture will be constructed, the only thing that has to be done is to inhabit the spaces, using multipurpose furniture that allow to adapt to the spaces according to needs.

Modifying the past, using it, remembering it, to finally transform it into a better future.

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