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Ozyegin University / tr Turkey
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mehmet çağkan genç

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Thinking the subject like a cause- effect situation. Because it is easy to predict the future if you know the causes that changed the past. So first thing to do was looking for causes for the change in space. So, there were 3 main causes( social, economical and physical changes), started to research those fields.
At the end of all these analysis we found out that these changes make buildings functionally becoming old. So what is going to be the new?
On the right side of the poster, there are some effects of global warming. As a result of global warming the importance of sustainability cannot be denied.
In consideration of all these informations, a monoblock(where all the spaces combine in one place) is proposed. The monoblock is a place where people can live, work, shop and get education, also has to be designed sustainably. We are running out of lands in big cities and as the prices get high we need each others more and the world is running out of nature and we need to prevent it as much as we can.

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A good campaign for eco-living, hope that many architecture showcase their talent and expertise of the same ind of design Many nowadays are using eco ideas for living which also comprehensive to all people of the same expectation. By the way, you can use this if you want to have mass produce of this print.

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