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tecnical univercity of tehran / ir Iran, Islamic Republic of
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mersede einiideh

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Espacios Públicos

An upgrade in downtown is a multisubject project that we search the people life qaulify in the socity of the longest street of middle-east(
Valiasr is not just a street but its the history & culture of Tehran & because of its length(21km)it have many stories in it from up to down but in the south part of the street we have less intertainment place;so that we try to make some public space for people to have more relation with each other.
We have there a traditional café(Azari café) so we save it and expend it by distroy the abounded garage.
In the other side we had a hotel that need a commen space to support the rail passengers(its near the first rail station of Iran)and passengers have no place to rest and have good times when they want to leave or arrive to Tehran.
We research & interview for 2 month,mapoed the street and have designing proccess of one month to try profunding the passerby and make more public space for both local people & passengers.
This street have a potencial of upgrading as it was before for a commen meeting in city or commen activities hapoen there and people become more satisfied of their city.
The worse gap of this zone is the unknown sence of local people to the passengers and because of this gap and its distroide morph and aboundend place or garage many drugs come there and cover the zone so we deside to open the space and bring the locals to the street so that we have less victim.
At the end its a project of all people in a famouse St. and try to make more attraction for most of the people.

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