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Poyun Chang

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Aldo Rossi once defined monumentality in The Architecture of the City, believing the irreplaceability of monuments. They are created under the influence of the context of a city, its history, and collective memory of a city.

The project focuses on the current states of world monuments. Monuments are considered sacred structures for the purpose of conveying a sense of sublime. In the past, monuments were built on an unreachable and inhumane scale. Nowadays, societies relate differently to the past and our narratives are no longer singular. It is time to redefine monuments, and re-interpret what they mean to modern people.

I started the thesis with an in-depth study on Historic City of Taipei, which has been through many different phases of regime: Qing Dynasty, Japanese Era, and early years of R.O.C period. And the so-called “old city”, was constantly changed. Although the city grew and expended, the original site became a place that’s the miniature of Taipei. Monumental elements play important roles. All history events relate to some kind of architectural action, and the monuments are the evidence of these events. Although the city grew and expended, the original site became a place that’s the miniature of Taipei. The thesis is a study on the relationship between forms and symbols, memory and monumentality, montage and representation.

The project is a proposal for a social condenser, which serves as a new type of monumental building. It can be seen as a museum without serious exhibition spaces. The project is formed from all kinds of found elements with meanings of particular historic events. But unlike any museums, people don’t need to worry about gaining education, studying seriously of the “exhibits” here; instead, it is a place to relax. It is a place for people to live their lives - going shopping, dinning with friends, dating with lovers, watching shows, exercising...

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