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Hotel Grieta
National Park Torres del Paine
In Chile, the national park “Torres del Paine” is visited by many national and foreigner tourists each year, especially this 2017. In March of this year, the numbers increased 25,2% more, with relation to the previous month, being a record in visitors.
Due to the increase of demando of toursits, it has decided to design an integral, luxurious and innovate, sustainable design hotel, that reflects the park’s natural beauty.
The Hotel is locate in a península, in front of the Pehoé lake, with and expectacular view to the Paine massif.
It is proposed to plan a space that will dialogue with the Patagonian pampa magnitude, that Will be incorporated with the landscape in a horizontal way, joining the terrain. Transforming the hill of the peninsula in the hotel and not a hotel on the hill, through a horizontal extension crack, where the void conforms the hotel's interior spatiality.
The form of the project responds to the climatic factors of the place.
In high season, the average summer temperature varies from 2 ° C to 24 ° C, the winds can reach up to 130 km / h. and the average rainfall is 55mm.
The hotel is half-buried to control the loss of heat through the thermal inertia of the earth and also to reduce exposure to the wind.
The roof emerges from the ground, generating an aerodynamic surface that responds to the local winds.
A horizontal extension opening is made as a large panoramic window towards the Torres del Paine, capturing the predominant natural light from the north.
The building is divided into two main areas: common area and service area. The common area, formed by dining room, lounge, hall, bedrooms and pool, are pointed to north, while the service and the access area are located on the south side.
The inside architecture seeks the experience of inhabiting the topography of the place, through interior gardens, designing a new furniture, soft and organic wood, which reflects the shape of the place, the landscape. The form that is born from the ground transforming into seat, table, bed, desk and wall, allowing the user to use it freely.

The route within the project is a fluid walk, continuous. In the bedrooms area, the corridor is resolved in a space inserted of interior gardens, vegetation of the place and zenithal light.
Being located in a national reserve, the hotel employs a sustainable design. For the construction, local materials are chosen. Like lenga, wood of native species that grows exclusively in the south of Chile. This is used in the roof structure using laminated wood and in the furniture, beams cut in cnc.

Solar panels are applied to supply the hotel's electricity. Drinking water is collected by water pumps. The heating and ventilation of the hotel is resolved through mechanical ventilation. And the sewage system is solved trough an artificial wetland.
The hotel is a building that offers visitors the experience of reflecting, contemplating this beautiful landscape.

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