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3SFI1127_Coding of the Future Architectural Spaces

3SFI - 1127
Lebanese University / lb Lebanon
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Ghida Farhat

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With the rising success of online shopping, jobs and learning, and with the invasion of the virtual over the real, the need for the traditional physical spaces of institutional, educational and commercial spaces is expected to gradually decrease. However, the missing human interaction & social communication would be compensated and manifested at future hybrid spaces that are designed by "a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need & beauty"...
Multiplicity of the modern life, the need for speed, over population and rising prices, technological advancement, changing methods at learning, working & shopping..are aspects that will require the design of multifaceted hybrid spaces. The fact that people are not happy spending 10 hours at the same space; working or learning; will give birth to new buildings that offer a more interesting user experience and accommodate for various conflicting programs. Consequently, the outcome would be a set of flexible, adaptable and sustainable spaces that can be temporarily rented on daily basis. So, if someone needs an office tomorrow, he would just go to his phone, use the space application, to book an office for his meeting on the next day.
In the board, the increasing intersection & juxtaposition between the three realms of education, work and shopping is schematically expressed at the left side of the page, while several examples of projects demonstrating the proposed prediction are also showcased.
In short, the idea of one space adapting and interchanging to host all our needs sounds surrealistic at this phase...However the future still has a lot to uncover...

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