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Shota Jojua

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The future is the meeting place of the achievements (cultural, technological, scinetifical and so on) of the past. The space with the unlimited capabilities.
Technological advances will simplify everything , in all fields . Any item will be purchased with the help of the Internet without leaving the location. The delivery will be made by drones, which will bring the purchases at any time, at any place. Which will save us time and energy.
As for the teaching and communication thanks to the holographic image. There will be the possibility of attendance at the lecture, or class, or at any meeting without leaving the house. As if the whole audience spatial modeling happens around us, as well as any training studies simplified for instance: If we are talking about the Parthenon on the hologram through the Parthenon moderates around us and visualization of its grandeur monumentality will be perceived not in 2D dimension (picture) but in 3D (hologram). It will have the exact same opportunities in any field.
There will be simplification and improvement of the means of transportation, light aircraft as Flyboard, Jet pack, and the alike ones. Which will be used to move from the house to “the service desk” directly, without interruption to get anywhere. Which will help to minimize the chances stuck in traffic at the emergency time, or rush hours. The number of the injured people will be reduced to its minimum level at the natural disasters or the terrorist acts. With The Flyboard people would be able independently to get safe place. For example, such technologies would have done a huge help during the devastating tsunamis in Japan. At the 09/11 while the mass of the innocent people were locked up in the building easily manage to leave the shopping center.
The next two decades will be reflected the most interestingly in architecture. Appears new paradigm of building and building parts that entirely changes the face of architectural epistem. "Veil" transformating through the buildings, or parts of the building. Materials, constactional elemnts etc. the building will be the one united space. As an organic part that transforms and changes its form, folds and opens up, has no limits in formation of the appearance of buildings. It will be movable changeable and manageable at the same time. Its architecture would not be frozen in time (motionless, still) but in the realtime continuous through the space.
The human can save the most important resource_ time and being able to use it in a rational way in the existing “Smart Space”- surroundings.

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