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3SFI1017 DewTopia

3SFI - 1017
Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal / in India
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Raj Yamgar

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Dewtopia is floating responsive architecture a method to counteract the present issues of providing education in rural region, global warming, food need, improving water quality and introduces a unifying urban design strategy for present and future based on a portable idea which deals with supply needs and integrates connected self-sufficiency into cities. As Scientists are of the opinion that global warming has already started, and in the not too distant future, we may witness many species becoming extinct, a decline in natural resources and above all, a rise in the ocean level, which will drown many places near coastal. So here we come up with a prototype called Dewtopia. The floating habitat will generate is own energy using hybrid solar and wind generators and will be built from a combination of MC-bauchemie concrete pads, Inflatable thin membranes, metal, plastic, fabric and other materials, most of which will come from junkyards. Initially the Dewtopia will serve as a single school for near villages and continuously expanding into ever-growing water community in this flood zone. Therefore, we have to keep on designing continuously to get every form of present and future spaces

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