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María Cantalapiedra Barbosa

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Edificios Públicos

“La Seminci,” the week of the cinema in Valladolid takes place in November. The project proposes a new permanent center for “La Seminici” in an old building of the city. The idea is to preserve the industrial identity of the existing factory, refurbishing it to introduce a new use. The project will revitalised all the area, and will make possible to celebrate different events related to the cinema during all the year.


In the cinema, the diagonal sights, the scenes and the movements, the series of frames and the lights are essential concepts. Taking this concepts to their limits we come up with the abstraction and dematerialization, the dreams and the fantasy, the creation of a new world where we don’t really know how to distinguish what is real from what becomes from our imagination.

“Any other invention has never touch the humans life of the XX century as the cinema, at least in the fact of imagination, of creating dreams and collective desires, or of getting into the thoughts and the ideas of the population, into the personal fantasies and reflexions and the ones beyond each one. The light of the cinema showed a new way to the creativity and to a deep sensitive flow: the power to be perpetuated in the course of the time”

Hugo Lara, Cinemania, 1999

The idea of the project is linked with all these concepts, which allow us to create a parallel world where everything can happen. A world where all the senses spring up, introducing us in the cinematography world: the creativity, the light, the colour, the sounds...

For these reasons, the main concept used in the project is the transparency, which take out the sequences of images, creating by this way that new world, dematerialized and abstract, connected with the cinema. This idea appears through a filter which goes snaking the Factory. A filter in which the transparency is possible due to the use of different materials, the lights and the overlay of plans. In this way, two worlds are created, one previous to the filter where people can see and observe, where our senses will wake up inviting us to discover what we can find behind it; and a second world more private and “hidden”, which holds specific uses that in any way require concentration.

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